Antone Lima

With a dream of someday working in environmental law enforcement, I am pursuing a bachelor’s degree of science in Environmental Conservation Studies at the University of New Hampshire. I am thoroughly enjoying a range of classes that have opened my eyes to the parts, roles and effect of humans on ecosystems. Among other courses, my studies include Biology of Animals, Field Dendrology, Introductory Botany, and Freshwater Resources. I walk the woods of Durham and the White Mountains learning field dendrology. I stand waist deep in bogs and streams learning the principles of freshwater resources.  I enjoy every single minute of it and could not be happier. The interaction with fellow scholars and environmental enthusiasts is also great.

Beyond the classroom I spend a great deal of time outdoors and in both wet and dry lab settings. Just this past year I have been working with the UNH Coastal Lab, Martha’s Vineyard Fisherman’s Preservation Trust, and Shelley Edmundson to conduct research that helps us better understand Channel Whelks (conch). During the summer of 2014, I worked with the Trustees of Reservations on Chappaquiddick where we developed a survey to collect data to help us better understand what role people and vehicles have on beach degradation. Based on the data collected and our authority of the resource, we developed a short term and long term education plan to better preserve the beach. I look forward to taking the next step and applying my skills learned from my fellowship internships and past experience to help me carry out better stewardship practices when I return to the island.

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