Christine Brissette

As a life-long Vineyarder and long-time plant lover, I found a perfect niche among the first round of Martha’s Vineyard Vision Fellows in 2006. With the support of the Vision Fellowship, I completed a B.S. in Ecological Community Development and Design from the University of Vermont. My internships at the Polly Hill Arboretum and the Intervale Conservation Nursery focused on propagating native plants for restoration and conservation horticulture, as well as identifying and mapping populations of these plants on the Island. These experiences were my initial introduction to ecological restoration, which has been the focus of my work ever since.


Since 2009, I’ve lived in Missoula, Montana where I work for an ecological restoration and consulting firm, Watershed Consulting. I design and lead a wide range of projects focused on stream and forest assessment and restoration. I also manage our native plant nursery. In recent years I’ve become particularly interested in wetlands and their role in improving water availability and water quality across the landscape.


My work relates directly to the wonderful learning experiences I had while part of the Vision Fellowship. Though I live far from the Atlantic now, the Fellowship deepened my connection to the Island and encouraged my interests in ecology, conservation and restoration. I am still in touch with a number of the fellows and mentors from the group and love hearing how the Fellowship’s efforts and impacts on the Island are evolving year by year.

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