Dana Munn

Dana Munn has taught physics at the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School for the last 16 years. Over the past decade, in response to the many energy-related challenges facing society, Dana has shifted his teaching to incorporate as much renewable energy technology as is practical. Dana has found that his students are truly interested in learning about many of the energy-related issues that confront us and that they feel empowered by their understanding of the potential of alternative and renewable energy technologies. His passion and excitement stem from how much his students enjoy learning about renewable energy, its potential, and the connection it has to their everyday lives.

Dana was awarded a 2015 Vision Fellowship to enable him to continue his professional development in the areas of alternative and renewable energy and education, with a secondary focus on conservation and sustainable architecture/built environment.  He will concentrate his professional development activities on photovoltaic systems and will use the information gained to develop solar curriculum units, laboratory activities, and projects for the Principles of Green Engineering course at MVRHS (a new course that will be offered for the first time in fall 2015).  Dana will share his curriculum materials and knowledge with other teachers through collaborations and teacher training workshops.

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