For Educational and Professional Development Plan:

Each Fellow engaged in a degree or professional development fellowship will work with his or her Mentor and the Vision Fellowship’s program director to develop and refine the Fellow’s Educational and Professional Development Plan.

This plan will include an outline of the Fellow’s intended course of education or professional development if awarded the Fellowship, which outline should be as descriptive as possible. The plan subsequently can be modified in consultation with the Fellow’s Mentor and the Vineyard Vision Fellowship’s program director. The plan should also include:

1. A description of the Fellow’s relationship with the sponsoring organization and his or her plan to work together in the future;

2. A description of the Fellow’s relationship with the Mentor, if applicable, and how they intend to work together toward the Fellow’s education and professional goals;

3. Possibilities for summer internships and/or projects during the fellowship period;

4. An estimate of the length of time required to complete the educational or professional development program;

5. An estimate of the costs associated with the educational program or professional development program. Undergraduate and graduate candidates should include a list of the schools to which they are applying, along with the annual tuition, room, board and other expenses (an estimated student “budget” is typically provided by the school).

6. A copy of the Student Aid Report generated by the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and a list of other scholarships or assistantships (institutional or outside) to which the Fellow are applying.