Jacqueline Menton

With the help of the Vineyard Vision Fellowship, I have begun my educational track towards clinical psychology, or psychology concerned with the treatment of severe psychological distress and dysfunction. First, I will receive an undergraduate degree in psychology with a minor in sociology from Clark University, where I have begun to delve into clinical research. Afterwards, I plan on receiving a Doctorate in Psychology, which will allow me to become a licensed clinical psychologist. The Fellowship is helping me reach my end goal, which is to have my own private practice where I can diagnose and treat clients with mental illness and disability.

As an undergraduate, I am fortunate that the Fellowship has begun to connect me with a number of local organizations, and my summer internships with the Fellowship have allowed me to build my experience with psychology. After graduating from the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, I began my first summer internship at Windemere in the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital under mentor Mary Holmes. During this internship, I learned the basic skills for working with residents with cognitive impairments, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Under the mentorship of Mary Holmes, I also made an activities cart for the residents of the Memory Care Unit and assisted with the unit’s activities and outings. Additionally, for the past two summers I have been interning at CONNECT to End Violence, a branch of Community Services that advocates for victims of domestic and sexual abuse. Under the mentorship of Jennifer Neary, I have become a certified domestic violence and rape crisis counselor where I am on call for the crisis hotline, meet clients at the hospital, police station, and court as needed, and help with community outreach events and school curriculums. This summer Jennifer Neary has allowed me to begin counseling my own clients. Finally, the Vineyard Vision Fellowship allows me to spend a few weeks of my summers at Camp Jabberwocky, a residential summer camp for adults with disabilities, where I provide full-time one-on-one care.

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