Jeremy Mayhew

Jeremy Mayhew is a native islander currently working as a freelance animation and motion graphics designer. He holds a degree in filmmaking from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1999, Jeremy released a documentary called “Strikers Passing” that detailed the plight of the harpoon sword fisherman. The movie was shown on the big screen, at festivals such as the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, where it won Best Directorial Debut of a Documentary. Jeremy’s family history is deeply rooted on Martha’s Vineyard, and he comes from a long line of island fisherman. This gives him a unique viewpoint, as both a filmmaker and someone who has grown up in Menemsha and seen firsthand how the fishing industry has evolved.

In 2015, Jeremy received a two year Vision Fellowship to create a documentary with fisherman and fellow Island native, Wesley Brighton.  “Wes approached me about making a documentary trying to describe the difficulty with fishing permits and the current state of the fishery- which I think a lot of people are confused about,” Jeremy says, “This film is more of an all encompassing picture of the past and the present, and hopefully the future ideas of what fishing could be, from the perspective of people here in this community.” The pair has set a two year time frame on the project. Jeremy points out that although they have a vision for the film, the narrative will develop most during the filming and editing process.  As Jeremy and Wes begin the project, Jeremy says, “my father and that generation are the end of an era for Menemsha. And it’s happening right now. So it seemed like the right time to be documenting this.”