Kaila Binney

Kaila Binney

With the incredible support of the Vision Fellowship, I recently completed my M.Ed. with a concentration in Educating for Sustainability from Antioch University New England. When people ask me what I’m going to do with my Master’s degree I explain simply that I am already doing it. Somehow, over the course of this two-year program, I have found my dream job.

I began my work with Island Grown Schools in my first year as a Vision Fellow after leading adult education programs at the FARM Institute, where I was based during the summers. Inspired by the freedom I was offered at the FARM to create programs for diverse age groups, I began actively seeking ways to engage teenagers and adults in sustainability-based education.

I currently work as the IGS coordinator for the MV Regional High School and the Oak Bluffs Elementary School, tying my work at the FARM Insitute together with the Island Grown Schools, to establish a foundation for youth to be involved in sustainable agriculture year-round. Most recently I have been working with a group of high school students to create a garden in an empty courtyard at their school, creating opportunities for the students, teachers, and staff to be involved in community food production throughout the year.

My career as a sustainability educator is rooted in my experience as a permaculture student, practitioner and teacher, and my connection to this philosophy and field of work has also grown dramatically over the past two years. The MV Permaculture Guild is going strong, with over 100 members and ongoing projects throughout the year. The Vision Fellowship has allowed me to pursue my passions, new and old, in a multitude of ways, all of which I hope will ultimately give back to the island as much as the island gives to me. I am grateful for this amazing opportunity to work alongside such inspirational people, and to continue to deepen my connection to this community.

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