Kevin Brennan

As a 2014 Vision Fellow, Kevin Brennan designed, implemented and created a management plan for a 2.3 acre orchard and perennial farming system at Island Grown Initiative’s Thimble Farm, under the mentorship of Jamie O’Gorman, Program Director of Island Grown Gleaning, a program of Island Grown Initiative.  Kevin’s objective was to establish a functional model for sustainable agriculture that is applicable on all scales.

As a 2017 Vision Fellow, Kevin’s goal is to help promote regenerative land management on the Island, which is a holistic systems approach to agriculture that encourages ecosystem restoration, food production and carbon sequestration. Kevin will provide education and outreach to farmers, homesteaders and backyard gardeners as well as provide written educational materials related to the establishment and maintenance of regenerative systems. He also will catalog fruit and nut trees that are currently bearing on the Island so that Island Grown Gleaning can connect with homeowners regarding possible fruit gleaning opportunities. Kevin’s mentor is Keith Wilda, IGI Farm Hub Manager.

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