Matthew Fisher

I graduated from Ithaca College in May 2014 with a bachelor’s degree in German Area Studies, summa cum laude, and a minor in Deaf Studies. I plan to pursue my PhD in Linguistic Anthropology or a related field, furthering my undergraduate studies. After graduating from Ithaca College, I decided to spend some time in the City of Ithaca, acquainting myself more closely with the local community, which I only got to explore in a limited way as a student. I am working at the Community Foundation of Tompkins County as an administrative assistant and grants manager and I am excited for the opportunity to use what I have learned from Adult and Community Education of Martha’s Vineyard (ACE MV), applying it to my expanding knowledge of philanthropy local to Tompkins County as well as nationally and globally. I am eager to take the lessons I learn from the Community Foundation back to the island and back to ACE MV and to have time in the future to learn about the various organizations on the island and the work that they do.

My personal interests extend beyond the scope of my studies and work. I enjoy studying languages and linguistics, cooking, bicycling, and reading textbooks on various topics: physics, mathematics, and computer programming, to name a few.

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