Wesley Brighton

Wesley Brighton fishes commercially for lobster, conch, striped bass and scallops out of Menemsha harbor. He is strongly dedicated to projects that seek to maintain healthy, viable and sustainable commercial fishing industries on the Vineyard. Previously, he helped initiate Vineyard Wild-Caught, a local seafood movement designed to highlight local seafood products. He has also been instrumental in forming the Island’s fishing permit bank, the Martha’s Vineyard Fishermen’s Preservation Trust, a group established to maintain fishing access for the Island’s fishing community. While his days are spent primarily on the water, his educational background is in creative writing. Together with Jeremy Mayhew, Wes was awarded a 2015 Vision Fellowship to enable them to work together to create a documentary film that will chronicle the glorious past and present struggles of the Vineyard’s working harbors with hopes to provide a much needed window into the world of our local commercial fishermen, a view that might inspire others to help save a way of life that is nearing extinction. Through research and interviews, they will preserve stories and faces of a fading generation and will describe and document what the Island’s commercial fishing community looks like today. Wes hopes to produce a film that will communicate the needs of our Island’s fishing community to ensure the continuation of this important, authentic and traditional livelihood.

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